It’s outside it’s green

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I hope its not just another fad…

exercise-21I normally never buy magazines, it always just seemed like a waste of money and resources, but seeing that I have access to these things now on a daily basis, I decided to buy the Woman’s health magazine. At first it was just to get the free book they had in the birthday issue but now for the past 3 months I buy it every month and cant wait for the next issue which only in February (some useless info) .

It has made me look at my health and fitness on a new level now and I have even downloaded an app on my iPod to see how much sleep I am getting and how many steps I take on an average day. On the sleep front I am not getting nearly enough, not close to the industry standard it seems and without working out I take about 4500 steps a day. Now that I see the figures I am more motivated to shed those belated pregnancy kilos and even jumping around like a rhythm less stick in the lounge trying to look as coordinated as the folks on the fitness videos.

I bought into the fad, with shock absorbent bra and all. It was a slow and sneaky process I didn’t really notice that I bought into it till I was starting notice me doing small changes. I am not saying its a bad thing at all, but I do feel guilty having a chip and want to sneer at others eating what they like. That is when I realized hey hold on, I can be healthy without being a meany in the process and why am I doing this anyway. Vanity? Health? or just because it seems to be the in thing at the moment.

I am happy seeing my clothes fit better and I don’t sound like a steam engine when running after my kids, but now that I am in it I am noticing it all around me. It made me think of when you are pregnant you notice all the other pregnant woman around you, but otherwise its like you miss them in a crowd unless they ready to pop. Maybe because its new years and see all these people trying to get fit, me being part of the trend, but I hope that I stay motivated to keep this life style, just the exercise for now I still love chocolate to much.

The furball additions.


Lala the lover of gardening and rubbish bin collector


Poh the destroyer of bedding and the vehicle mechanic

At the moment I feel like a brave woman, handling two children under 3 and adopted 2 furry pups, holding down a full time job, being wife, a friend and all those other fun titles we like to label ourselves. We thought it would be fun for us and the kids to have the new additions and that we should tackle the task while we still have the energy (pfft) and in the swing of full chaos in our lives.

Sometimes its tough, I mean really tough. You wake up and nearly decapitate yourself with a Thomas the train engine figure, being moaned at from all sides for breakfast, Barny and a nappy change. Looking half decent for work then to get puked on and of course stepping in the obligatory dog pooh as you make your exit of your home. Rallying up the troops to find your oldest is climbing out the bedroom window to either adorn the dogs with you expensive room freshener or climbing over the wall to visit the neighbors little boy (that is what we suspect).  Arriving at the office thinking oh dear I hope I don’t smell like a dog kennel and that my make up isn’t smudged, tackling the tasks of the day,

I know this sounds like a complaint but its actually quite the opposite, its and adventure that is testing my resilience, reminding me of the time I asked God to make me more patient, well this is my lesson of being patient. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail miserably but its part of the journey. It has also taught me when its quiet ,be very worried and that I need to sprout and extra pair of eyes and arms to give cuddles and try and instill some discipline and love between siblings and fur friends. I have also learned that my heart is like overfull bus there is always place for more.

Times when my eldest runs up to me and gives me cuddles and tells me she loves me and blows me kisses when I leave, to my youngest that is exploring this house like a tomb raider with her walker making her ma ma ma sounds. I like to convince myself that is her calling me even though she is just trying out her vocal cords. When the pooches jump on the trampoline and defend my children against imaginary foes they make up and running and destroying with my nearly 3 year old, all that other stuff doesn’t seem so important anymore.

I like this verse below:

James 4:14 (ESV)

14 yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.

Its easy for us to get caught up in the terrible moments but we don’t know what tomorrow brings, so my aim for this year is to love and appreciate all my moments the good ones and the not so good ones, because this will help shape me as a person and make for good war stories to black mail my kids when they are older 🙂